Barrel Bottlers Truck


Our classic 1974 International truck brings a new concept to mobile bottling with all required equipment compactly placed within the truck’s box. The truck is thirty-six feet long allowing it maneuverability in the smaller locations at many wineries.

Our commitment is to provide each customer with the best service, which required us to find the best bottling equipment as well.  We thoroughly researched systems to find one that could live up to our expectations, and we did. To find out more about our equipment go to the links on the side to see “What’s in the Box?”.

All of our equipment runs on single phase power, so no matter where you are, if you have single phase hook up this will eliminate the need for renting a generator.

We currently can run 750ml Burgundy, Bordeaux and Claret bottles with a maximum diameter of 90mm, as well as, 375ml bottles with a minimum diameter of 62mm. If you have tapered glass or other sizes you would like to run please contact us and we can discuss all of our options. We have two 30″ in-line stainless steel filter cartridges to filter your wine. Our machines are able to bottle using straight corks and tin or poly-laminate capsules or standard ROPP aluminum screw caps. As far as labels, we can run front and back labels from single or dual spools, #4 wind direction off left hand.